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Like many I witnessed the events in my capitol with a pit of cold horror in my guts. Afterward, now, I watch with a similar horror verging on nausea as elected officials both far and near refuse to acknowledge wrong-doing and the harm caused to the American nation by a series of events that they actively encouraged. If this is cowardice, narcissism, and belligerent ignorance then I cannot accept it. If this is a doubling-down on a political game in which you avoid any blame by trying to distribute the repercussions of your actions over many then I find the worship of this political game over the well-being of the nation abhorrent. When incoming co-chairman of the Michigan Republican Party Meshawn Maddock proclaims voter fraud and organizes buses to the Capitol where she speaks to, and encourages, the crowds with her husband Representative Matt Maddock or when University of Michigan regent and incoming Michigan Republican Party chair Ron Weiser avoids condemning the President by blaming pain killers or when Representatives Jack Bergman, Lisa McClain, and Tim Walberg object to the results of Arizona and Pennsylvania's elections with no acknowledgement their actions fueled an ill-conceived insurrection I question the true bedrock of their values and the fabric of their character.

I had an idea. I was going to put together a website with a full page dedicated to every single Michigan elected official that refused to denounce the seditionist rhetoric of our current President. I've agonized over this idea for days, and I've decided that I should not build this website (which was going to be something like because it is far far too similar to a map with crosshairs and I suspect an idea of this form would not bring positive contributions to the national dialogue. Instead I will write this post, and spend my money and my votes in a way that aligns with my conscience. For the moment, that feels like the best I can do.