Podcasts I Listen to - part two

You can find Podcasts I Listen to - part one for the beginning of this list.

Nerd Poker was originally an Earwolf podcast before disappearing for awhile and reappearing over on Patreon. I’d describe it as a funny, old-school, D&D adventure.

Waterdeep Mountain High is a live improvised comedy D&D podcast set in a fantasy high school.

Chaotic Adequate is a comedy D&D podcast which introduces the unique idea of max-mining your character (instead of min-maxing).

Laughfinder is a comedy Pathfinder podcast (an unfortunate rarity).

The Glass Cannon is not explicitly a comedy podcast, but still funny, and an official Paizo sanctioned Pathfinder podcast.

Party of Four has been idle for almost 2 years, but I always found it hilarious. It was/is a fully improvised roleplaying podcast, seemingly independent of any established system. (Who can forget the chivalrous adventures of the Jah Finders?)