Morgue File & Colophon

The new version of is finally live after almost a year

This website is built with 11ty, a wonderfully simpler and purely JavaScript-based static site generator. Specifically is using a modified version of Mike Riethmuller's Supermaya. 11ty allows for a long list of template languages, in this case mostly Markdown and Nunjucks (which is suprisingly powerful), but does not explicitly have any other form of content pipeline. However, Supermaya has a very nice SASS/SCSS/etc pipeline via Webpack which is something I sorely missed trying to work in vanilla 11ty. Sourcehut is currently playing host (and build mechanism) to this site's source. Editing is done in (the current hotness, the ubiquitous) Visual Studio Code.

Despite the debate about whether or not a CSS reset is needed in our current era of web work, this site is using Mozilla's CSS Remedy. Fonts in use include Source Serif Pro and Montserrat and is set against an 8-step type system. Color palettes were generated from Hayk An's Scale and Lyft's Colorbox.

Inspiration for this site was multiple, but not necessarily wide ranging. It includes the personal sites of Frank Chimero, Paul van Oijen, Garrett Dimon, Gordon Brander, Chris Shiflett, Meagan Fisher Couldwell, and Nicholas Feltron, as well as the Klim Type Foundry.