Roleplaying Podcasts

My podcast platform of choice is (now NPR's) Pocket Casts. They have a quality suite of mobile apps (as well as a web-based player), hilarious release notes, and distinguished themselves early on in the podcast game as a smart and consumate provider. The composition of my episode queue is often composed of roleplaying, comedy (and comedy roleplaying), and interview/improv podcasts. What follows is a small selection of those podcasts that I feel are quality projects. (Presented as embeds from RadioPublic, as Pocket Casts does not currently allow for robust sharing from their podcast listings.)

The Adventure Zone is an hilarious and heartwarming anthology-style tabletop roleplaying podcast, where every season is a new game, from the prolific McElroy family and Maximum Fun. While the show began as a Dungeons & Dragons game (5E) subsequent campaigns have included FATE, Monster of the Week, and Urban Shadows.

Not Another D&D Podcast is another hilarious engaging Dungeons & Dragons (5E) podcast from the HeadGum podcast network. The show itself is overflowing with College Humor talent and shares some of it's cast with College Humor's Dimension 20 and Drawfee.

Spout Lore is a rare gem of a podcast. The game itself is a masterclass in running a successful Dungeon World campaign and the podcast is a comedic delight. A side-campaign in the Blades in the Dark system is soon beginning on Patreon.

The Dragon Friends is an ongoing multi-headed podcast and live comedy show from Planet Broadcasting. While most seasons are Dungeons & Dragons (5E) based the podcast has included Shadowrun and Edge of the Empire, among others.

Dungeons and Daddies is a recently minted Dungeons & Dragons (5E) podcast. The premise finds a handful of ill-equipped step-dads from our world transported to the Forgotten Realms questing for their seemingly lost step-sons. (The podcast is helpfully quick to note it is not a BDSM podcast.)

Other tabletop podcasts worth mentioning include DnDnD, D&D is for Nerds, Chaotic Adequate, Nerd Poker, Laughfinder, and Pretending to be People.