Podcasts I Listen to - part one

My podcast platform of choice is (now NPR’s) Pocket Casts. They have a quality suite of mobile apps (as well as a web-based player), hilarious release notes, and distinguished themselves early on in the podcast game as a smart and consumate provider. The composition of my episode queue is often composed of roleplaying, comedy (and comedy roleplaying), and interview/improv podcasts. What follows is a small selection of those podcasts that I feel are quality projects. (Presented as embeds from RadioPublic, as Pocket Casts does not currently allow for comprehensive sharing from their podcast listings.)

The Adventure Zone is a hilarious ongoing tabletop roleplaying podcast from the prodigous McElroy family and Maximum Fun.

D&D is for Nerds is an ongoing, funny, and somewhat old-school Dungeons & Dragons podcast from Sanspants Radio.

Dragon Friends is an ongoing hilarious Dungeons & Dragons podcast and live comedy show from Planet Broadcasting.

Spout Lore is a rare gem and an exceptional example of an ongoing Dungeon World podcast.

Not Another D&D Podcast is another hilarious engaging Dungeons & Dragons podcast from the HeadGum podcast network.