Links - Nov & Dec

Interactive marginalia
Liza Daly, author of Harmonia, discusses the use of annotations and their implementation.

Wiki-based news platform from founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales. While Wikinews was seemingly the first to market on this concept the distinguishing characteristic of Wikitribune is that it employs professional journalists to generate it’s content.

In the same vein as Wikitribune, we seem to be trying very hard to find sustainable reliable news platforms that fit the current paradigm of content consumption. Both Poligraph and NewsDeeply appear to be worthy efforts.

Belt Magazine
Similarly, this exploration of journalism gives opportunity to re/discover our own microcosms. Belt Magazine is a journalistic organization focused on the American midwest.

Cognitive UXD
User experience and psychology newsletter.

Collaboration Kills Creativity, According to Science

Put another way, being around other people keeps creative people from thinking new thoughts.

Feedback that Gives Focus
On useful ways of giving feedback.


Finding errors in your past decisions and ideas means you’re progressing.

Another Lens
Research tool for creatives/designers/developers to discover unconscious bias.

If you’re looking for a Lightroom alternative, Darktable is an open source and now cross-platform contender.

A Better Online Experience
An extensive guide to improving your privacy and security.