In December 2012 a shooter murdered 20 children, all under the age of eight, and 6 adults at the Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School. While Connecticut, New York, and Maryland increased gun control in response the United States Congress failed to muster the political will to pass any form of gun control for the nation it purports to serve. Ten states passed legislation to loosen gun control.

In my mind there is little left to say[1] [2]; the gun control debate is over. After the deaths of 20 children we have done little to nothing, and continue to do the same as more children are murdered. Under the guise of preserving freedom and constitutional liberty our country fights for the right to unrestricted access to firearms[3]. The casualties of this fight are numbered among kids left dead in their classrooms and their playgrounds. It is our tinhorn pride and indelible shame that these children cannot enjoy those same liberties that this country claims to hold so dear.

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